sâmbătă, 19 iunie 2010


Ma uitam prin ce mai scrisesem mai demult..si am gasit ceva de pe 9 iunie 2009 ce nu credeam ca mai exista...si m-am gandit sa postez si aici:Sometimes I sit in my bed and just listen..listen to the silence..It somehow helps me fill the hole in my soul, to numb the butterflies in my stomach and mute the voice inside my head..His voice..My curse, my sin, but also my blessing...My sweet, sweet executioner..Him..the one I try to draw..the one who makes it all go away, just to bring it stronger and painfully back into my raptured soul...just to stab me once again and then bring me back to life so that he could replay the scene...My scenery...His murder..My life.. His indecision..Me...HIM.

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